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The 10 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets (2017)

Clone Troopers on a black background - one of them is reading a newspaper and the other is holding a blaster

Star Wars LEGO sets – 4 words that will make both kids and adults gleam with The Force. It is by far one of the greatest presents you can give children, for it will definitely capture their attention and spark their imagination but adults are bound to love it too, especially those who have a thing for Star Wars collectables.

Spanning such a long period of time, LEGO has brought to life a lot of our favourite Star Wars characters, spaceships, and weaponry. As you might already suspect, fitting all the Star Wars LEGO sets into a list of the 10 best is next to impossible. Which is why we’re going to divide the list in two.

The 10 Best Original Trilogy LEGO Sets

#10 Star Wars LEGO Luke’s Landspeeder Set


An image of Luke's Speeder LEGO set with 4 mini-figuresA cheap Star Wars kit, but a great one if you’re just starting out your LEGO collection. Plus, it’s fairly easy to build, considering the number of pieces – 149. It’s also one of the smallest Star Wars LEGO sets out there. That makes it perfect for kids as well, so if you’re after a Star Wars-themed present, look no further.

The Speeder kit has an open cockpit design which fits two mini-figures and a trunk that can be opened. It comes with 4 action figures – Luke Skywalker, old Ben Kenobi [with his lightsaber], C-3PO, and a Tusken Raider [with a bantha stick]. And in the trunk of Luke’s Speeder, you’ll find a womp rat figure and a pair of binoculars. The kit a pretty straightforward build and certainly looks nice once completed.

It is 6 inches long, 2 inches high and about as much wide. The kit has been retired since December 2012 but there are still some new LEGO kits you can find on Amazon with a price tag of about £15.

#9 Star Wars LEGO Darth Vader Set

Darth Vader Lego figure doing the Force ChokeA 10 inch Lego Darth Vader at your desk – that sends a message to all the nosy colleagues! If you’re looking to get your Lego Star Wars collection going, this kit is the one you need because the Sith Lord is a must have!

The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader kit has 160 pieces and compared to other sets further down the list – this one is relatively cheap with a price tag of only £28. It will not only sit well on your display shelf but it’s also a pretty good toy for children since it’s quite sturdy. A set well worth the investment.

#8 Star Wars LEGO Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike

A Trooper on a Speederbike - complete LEGO set on a white background Another fun built that also won’t cost you an arm and a leg is the LEGO Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike. The Speeder has a special place in the hearts of older fans and owning one is a dream come true. Granted, you can’t fly it, but it’s close enough for now.

The LEGO set has 452 pieces and is basically a two-piece kit – a Trooper figure and a Speeder bike. The Trooper figure is highly poseable so it can dismount the bike and stand on its own. It comes with a detachable blaster and is made with a great attention to the small details. The bike is also pretty cool. To start off with, there are spring-loaded shooters in the front of the speeder. The footrests and handlebar are designed to fit the Trooper and the flaps of the bike can move as well. Collectors, you will love the Star Wars LEGO Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike set because it also has a display stand.

#7 Star Wars LEGO Y-wing Starfighter Set

Y-Wing Fighter kit (The Force Awakens Merchandise)Join the Rebellion with the unique LEGO Y-Wing Starfighter! This Star Wars Y-Wing model was released as part of the Rogue One merchandise, but since it first appeared in Episode IV, it makes our 10 best Star Wars Lego sets [Original Trilogy list].

This is the fifth incarnation of the iconic fighter since the initial release of the model in 1999 and it definitely is the best one yet. The Y-Wing looks incredibly realistic and the feature that made most impression on us was the ion jet engine nacelles. To be honest, this Starfighter is far from our favourite Star Wars ship, but the LEGO model is something else and we love it!

It’s a 691-piece set and includes four mini-figures – Admiral Raddus, Moroff, a Stormtrooper and a Y-Wing pilot. As a bonus to the LEGO kit, you get a Rebel Astromech Droid and a movable crane toy for loading the ammo. The Y-Wing model is fun to build and has some nice features, such as retractable landing gear, guns that can swivel, spring-loaded shooters, a cockpit you can open and close. But the best feature of the LEGO Star Wars kit is the small bomb chute that can be opened to drop two proton bombs on the Empire!

The Y-Wing kit is one of the best LEGO Star Wars ships for sale and comes with a £44 price tag on Amazon.

#6 Star Wars LEGO AT-ST Walker Set

A LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker setThe Empire Strikes Back gave us the AT-ST Walker but it was the release of Rogue One that brought us this LEGO AT-ST Walker set. It’s not only a great build but also a good fun to mess about with. That’s why the classic Star Wars vehicle will surely please both young and old fans of the franchise.

The AT-ST LEGO set stands tall at 9 inches and brags awesome features like poseable legs, two spring-loaded blasters, and guns that can change the angle. On top of that, the entire cockpit rotates and the hatch also opens to show the detailed interior of the LEGO AT-ST Walker. The set contains 449 pieces and is perfect for intermediate builders. It also comes with 3 mini-figures – AT-ST driver, Rebel Trooper, and Baze Malbus, along with some weapons – blaster pistol and rifle, and Baze’s heavy blaster. And to add this extremely cool Star Wars LEGO set to your collection, you’re looking at a £45 price tag.

#5 Star Wars LEGO Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Set

An Imperial Shuttle with it's wings closed. There are 4 mini-figures on the photo along the Tydirium ShuttleIf your budget allows it, you can expand your Imperial fleet with the LEGO Tydirium Shuttle. At number five we have two different types of the Tydirium – Lambda-class Imperial shuttle used to transport the elite of the Galactic Empire and to facilitate the occasional covert strike. The first LEGO kit on our list is a collector’s item and the second one – a budget version of the same LEGO set.

The Tydirium is among the best collectable LEGO Star Wars ships for sale and as a collector’s item, it comes with a heavy price tag – around £790, and 2503 pieces. But it’s not all for nothing. To begin with, the size of the built model is impressive. It’s a true mini-figure scale and boasts a massive 28-inch height [on a special stand] and 22-inch wingspan. The set also includes 5 mini-figures – Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Shuttle Pilot, Imperial Officer, and a Stormtrooper. Another thing about this particular Star Wars LEGO model is the beautiful detail of the shuttle.

You can buy the collector’s LEGO Star Wars Shuttle from Amazon but bear in mind, these are becoming harder and harder to come by!

Budget Version:

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium - the set on the photo is a budget versionNot as massive as the collector’s item, the budget version of the Tydirium Imperial Shuttle also looks incredible, although a bit rougher on the edges and smaller, of course. The LEGO set has 937 pieces and measures at 11 x 9 x 7 inches in landing mode. When you unfold the wings the dimensions change drastically – 16 x 9 x 18 inches. A fun set to build and a bit tricky with a lot of small components to put together. In terms of gear, this LEGO Star Wars ship has a cockpit window that can open to reveal the controls of the ship and fit two mini-figures. There are spring-loaded shooters on each of the wings so you can fire at enemy spacecraft. The set also has a decent selection of mini-figures. You get Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and two Endor Rebel Troopers.

You can buy this Star Wars LEGO set online on Amazon for about £110, which is pretty decent for a Star Wars kit.

#4 Motorized Star Wars LEGO AT-AT Set

A motorized Star Wars AT-AT LEGO setClosing in on number one, we’ve chosen the Motorized AT-AT LEGO set to take the fourth position. This is one of the most intricate Star Wars LEGO models and as the title suggests – it moves on its own, which is pretty cool by itself. The kit takes us back to the Battle of Hoth and although it was launched back in 2004, it remains one of the best Star Wars products LEGO has ever put out. Make no mistake, this is a collector’s LEGO set which also blasts it in a higher price range – this thing of beauty will set you back anywhere between £600 and £800.

The set contains 1137 pieces and requires 6 AA-type batteries to function [not included in the set, unfortunately 🙁 – shame on you, LEGO, for not throwing some batteries in the box!] After mentioning the thing about the model being motorised, anything else we say will just run past you, so to sum it up, you get a cockpit that opens and laser cannons that can rotate. When built, the AT-AT Star Wars Lego set is a bit over 12 inches tall and 14 inches long. There are 4 mini-figures in the set – General Veers, Luke Skywalker, AT-AT Pilot, and a Stormtrooper.

Budget Version:

An AT-AT LEGO set with 4 mini-figures, including Luke Skywalker hanging from the WalkerAt exactly the same piece count – 1137, we have the budget version of the iconic vehicle. Saying it’s cheap will be a long, long shot, but it’s still less expensive than the motorized collector’s AT-AT kit. The LEGO model costs around £280 which is a bit much, granted, but the quality built and the accurate portrayal of the legendary Star Wars vehicle are well-worth the money spent.

The AT-AT is 12 inches high, 12 inches long and measures at 4 inches wide. The head of the vehicle rotates so as to point the spring-loaded shooters in the direction you want to fire in and the four legs of the AT-AT LEGO model are poseable which boost the fun factor. Much like the collector’s version, this LEGO model also has a cockpit that opens and fits two mini-figures. Speaking of mini-figures, the set includes 5 of them – General Veers, AT-AT Driver, Stormtrooper Commander, and two Stormtroopers.

Say what you will, but this LEGO Star Wars AT-AT kit is an awesome present for both adults and kids!

#3 Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon Set

An image of a collectable Millennium Falcon LEGO setThe Millennium Falcon – the only starship to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs! That really is something to brag about. Plus, a list of the best Star Wars Lego sets would be incomplete without the, conceivably, most emblematic starship in the entire Star Wars Universe! Other than the apparent, this collector’s kit is the biggest Star Wars Lego set ever produced! That’s right, the biggest ever – a fact. It contains 5197 pieces and measures at almost 3 feet long.

The set includes 5 mini-figures – Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and old Ben Kenobi. Purchasing it will also get you a collector’s display card that has the ship’s specs on it. As far as the model is concerned, there’s nothing but perfection. This LEGO Star Wars ship set is manufactured to mini-figure scale. What that means is the mini-figures can be placed inside and man the ship and weaponry. There’s also a bunch of parts that move, turn and so on. For starters, you can remove the cockpit and place the mini-figures inside. The two quad-laser turrets are rotatable as is the radar dish which can also elevate. Last but not least, the boarding ramp of the Millennium Falcon can extend.

All that, of course, comes with at a heavy, heavy price. If you want to add biggest Star Wars LEGO set to your collection, you’ll have to spend a lot of money – £5,069 to be exact. But fear not, we’ve got a budget version of the LEGO Millennium Falcon.

Budget version:

A close-up image of the Millennium Falcon with 7 mini-figures, including Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia, and BB8. The set is part of the Force Awakens merchandiseThis one is a relatively cheap Star Wars LEGO set with a price tag of £95. To be fair, again, the set was released as part of The Force Awakens merchandise, but since the Falcon first appeared in the Original Trilogy, we’ve placed it here. But enough of that, let’s have a look at the LEGO Star Wars kit.

This one is a relatively cheap Star Wars LEGO set with a price tag of £95. To be fair, again, the set was released as part of The Force Awakens merchandise, but since the Falcon first appeared in the Original Trilogy, we’ve placed it here. But enough of that, let’s have a look at the LEGO Star Wars kit.

The Millennium Falcon is a 1330 piece set and measured at over 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. One thing that we like very much is the graying Han Solo mini-figure [as is Harrison Ford in The Force Awakens]. Besides the Han Solo figure, there are 5 more – his loyal companion Chewbacca, Rey, Finn, a Kanjiklub Gang Member, and Tasu Leech. To keep them company, there’s also a tiny BB-8 mini-figure. The battleship set is quite detailed and realistic [as seen in the movies] and features a lot of movable parts. There’s the detachable cockpit which can fit two figures, rotating quad-laser turrets, spring-loaded guns, sensor dish, a ramp, and best of all – opening hull plates which allow you in the interior of the ship, also designed with a great eye for details, btw.

All in all, the budget version of the Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon set is great for kids who’re starting out and collectors alike! A must have in your collection!

#2 Star Wars LEGO Death Star Set

A collectable Death Star LEGO set on a display standThe most feared weapon throughout the Galaxy takes our number two spot in the list of 10 best original trilogy LEGO sets! If you’re looking for a Star Wars collectable gift or you’re after something for your own collection – the Star Wars LEGO Death Star is just what you need. Standing at 25.5 inches tall, 19 inches wide and weighing about 17 pounds, this LEGO set is impressive and must be one of the biggest Star Wars LEGO sets ever produced! Bear in mind that it is a true collector’s item, hence, the hefty price of £2,850. The Star Wars LEGO Death Star is comprised of 3417 blocks and a display stand so you’re all set.

Budget Version:

An image of the inside of the Star Wars Death Star LEGO setAlternatively, in case you’re shopping for your kid or just looking for cheap LEGO Star Wars sets for sale, there’s another Death Star kit with an item number 75159. It will cost you about £410 which is a significant improvement compared to the collectable set. The block count is 4016 and the product’s dimensions are 7.4 x 23 x 19.2 inches. What we like most about the set is that it includes a whole lot of mini-figures – 24, ranging from Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to characters such as Death Star personnel. Plus, there are moving cannons and lasers! What can be cooler than that!?

Alternatively, in case you’re shopping for your kid or just looking for cheap LEGO Star Wars sets for sale, there’s another Death Star kit with an item number 75159. It will cost you about £410 which is a significant improvement compared to the collectable set. The block count is 4016 and the product’s dimensions are 7.4 x 23 x 19.2 inches. What we like most about the set is that it includes a whole lot of mini-figures – 24, ranging from Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to characters such as Death Star personnel. Plus, there are moving cannons and lasers! What can be cooler than that!?

#1 Star Wars LEGO Ultimate Star Destroyer Set

An image of a Ultimate Star Destroyer collectable LEGO setThe opening scene of Star Wars Episode IV features a Star Destroyer firing at a rebel ship. Fittingly, the first place on our best LEGO Star Wars sets goes to the Ultimate Star Destroyer. This LEGO Star Wars battleship set is a collectable item and laying your hands on one of those will cost you – the price of this beauty on Amazon is £3,000!

The Star Destroyer set consists of 3104 pieces and measures at the astounding 37 x 23 inches. Weighing a bit short of 20 pounds, needless to say, this is one of the biggest LEGO Star Wars battleships you’ll find out there! Since this piece is a collectors’ item, it comes with a special display stand and a collectors card [not to mention the price!]. And speaking of the opening scene of Episode 4, the LEGO set also includes a mini rebel ship so you can recreate the iconic Star Wars scene with which everything began. All in all, an item well-deserving the first place on our list.

Budget Version:

Midi-Scale Star DestroyerTo be fair, £3 000 is a lot of money and with 3104 pieces this LEGO set might be a hard egg to crack for younger builders. That’s why we’ve included a budget version of the iconic LEGO Star Wars battleship that’s appropriate for the ages 9 to 14 and intermediate builders. The Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer costs less than £100 and consists of 423 pieces.

The 10 Best post-Original Trilogy LEGO Sets

#10 Star Wars LEGO Rey’s Speeder Set

A LEGO Rey's Speeder set with two mini-figures - Rey and Unkar’s ThugA small and cheap set but a fun one nonetheless is Rey’s Speeder. Featured in Episode VII – The Force Awakens, the LEGO speeder set includes 193 pieces as well as two mini figures – Rey herself and Unkar’s Thug which will be appreciated by collectors. It is a cool set and great one if you’re just starting out. The speeder has a hatch that opens as well as 2 cannons in the front which you can fire with small rounds and with a price of just under £16, it’s one of the cheapest Star Wars LEGO sets you’ll find out there. Strongly recommend!

#9 Star Wars LEGO Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers Set

An image of Anakin's & Sebulba's podracers with the 5 mini-figures included in the setAt number 9 we have probably the best-known podracers in the Galaxy – Anakin’s & Sebulba’s! Fancy a daredevil race? Well, now you can recreate the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine with the two podracers and 5 mini-figures included in the kit. The Star Wars Podracer set has 810 pieces and features nice additions, such as retractable buzz saws, translucent elements, and great details. Each Star Wars Podracer stands at 13 inches long and 10 inches wide. A great addition to anyone’s collection! The price for the two Star Wars podracers is £130.

#8 Star Wars LEGO Naboo Starfighter Set

The Naboo Starfighter LEGO set along with all addition that come with the kitAnother LEGO Star Wars ship makes our list at number 8 – the Naboo Starfighter. You surely remember how Anakin used one of those to blast the Destroyer Droids on Naboo and knock down The Trade Federation’s blockade flagship in Phantom Menace. Well this LEGO set can be your stark reminder of young Skywalker’s incredible feat on Naboo. The pack features the slick Starfighter along with a rotating stand, fueling station, spring-loaded shooters [they actually work so you can have a go at the droids], an eject function for the Astro droid, and an access ladder. There are also 3 mini-figures (Anakin, Obi-Wan & Naboo Fighter Pilot), plus a whole bunch of droids – our favourite R2-D2, 3 Battle Droids, and 2 Destroyers. This LEGO Star Wars ship set consists of 442 pieces and is 13 inches long & 9 inches wide. Not the biggest Star Wars Lego set, but a fun one to build and play with. Plus, it’s relatively cheap, coming at about £55 on Amazon.

#7 Star Wars LEGO Republic Gunship Set

A LEGO Republic Gunship set with all mini-figures the set includesOne of our favourite Star Wars the Clone Wars LEGO sets out there – the Low Altitude Assault Transport [LAAT] kit, or Lartis. Making its first appearance in Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones, in that memorable rescue mission and the ensuing First Battle of Geonosis, the ship is a true masterpiece. And now there is the LEGO Star Wars kit to commemorate that masterpiece!

The model is truly impressive – 7 inches high, 18″ long and 16″ wide, it consists of 1175 pieces. As with all LEGO Star Wars vehicles, the legs of this one are also highly poseable and the cockpit can be opened to fit two figures inside. The exciting part about the build are the 4 ball gun turrets which fit one mini-figure each. Oh, yes, and the 7 mini-figures. The set comes with Anakin and Obi Wan, both carrying lightsabers, Padme with her blaster, two Super Battle Droids, Clone Trooper and Clone Trooper Captain, both with weapons [these two we liked the most!].

Inspired by Star Wars: the Clone Wars, this LEGO set is superb and there’s absolutely nothing LEGO could have done better with it. You can purchase it online on Amazon for around £250.

#6 Star Wars LEGO First Order Special Forces TIE fighter Set

A complete TIE fighter LEGO setThere’s another incredibly fun LEGO kit to build – the First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter. Inspired by Star Wars Episode VII, this LEGO set looks amazing once built and is a must-have in your LEGO collection.

It’s a pretty straightforward build but the one thing that would make the model even better is a display stand. Oh, well, maybe next time, LEGO … The kit measures at 9″ high, 7″ long & 7″ wide.

Regardless, the kit is worth the purchase, even more so with a price tag of less than £50! And now the perks of the kit – an opening cockpit, of course, an antenna you can rotate, and shooters that can fire! The distinguishable Episode VII LEGO set has 4 mini-figures – two First Order TIE Fighter Pilots to man the machine, First Order Officer and Crew. All that a great addition to your collection!

#5 Star Wars LEGO Jedi Starfighter With Hyperdrive Set

A completed Starfighter LEGO setOne of the most notable LEGO Star Wars Episode II sets out there – Obi’s Starfighter with Hyperdrive. Quite rightfully, this model makes our top 10 [turned top 20+] list of LEGO Star Wars sets.

Before we get to it, first we should note that the Hyperdrive is quite the challenge with the round shape and all that. But that is not a bad thing if you’re up to the task. It is the most time-consuming part of the LEGO kit but as you can see from the pictures, it is well worth it! The Hyperdrive also includes 2 spring-loaded shooters which are nicely hidden. Something else we liked about the Hyperdrive is that it can balance on flat surfaces, making it the perfect display stand for the Star Wars LEGO set!

The ship itself is an accurate replica of the one Obi-Wan flew in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. A nice little feature that really puts it all together is the Republic insignia on the side of the LEGO ship. It also has a cockpit that can be opened and a special place for the astromech droid that is included in the set. There are 3 mini-figures – Obi-Wan with his lightsaber, Jango Fett with two blasters, and young Boba with a grim smile on his face [a bit spooky, but quite accurate yet again!].

The Star Wars kit has 825 pieces and put together [Jedi Starfighter docked into the Hyperdrive] is 10″ high, 11″ long, and 12″ wide. And the bounty hunters are definitely a great bonus for collectors!

#4 Star Wars LEGO Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle Set

Krennic's Imperial Shuttle LEGO set with 6 mini-figures included in the kitOne of the first things we saw in The Force Awakens was the ST 149 Delta-class shuttle, or as LEGO named it – Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle. Needless to say, it made quite the impressions on all fans.

Similarly to another kit on this list – the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Set, this one also features huge foldable wings. Besides that, Krennic’s Shuttle also has front and side panels that can be opened and a cockpit that can fit 4 mini-figures. You can shoot the spring-loaded blasters and quite conveniently for display, the Shuttle has retractable landing gear. The dimensions are very impressive – in flight mode, Krennic’s Shuttle stands at 17″ high, 22″ wide and 9″ long.

The 863-piece set includes 5 mini-figures – Director Krennic, of course, Bodhi Rook, Pao, K-2SO, and 2 Imperial Death Troopers. Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle LEGO set will cost you somewhere in the £80 range and is available online on Amazon.

#3 Star Wars LEGO Captain Rex’s AT-TE Set

Captain Rex's AT-TE LEGO set - completed kit with all mini-figures included in itFinally – one of the new LEGO Star Wars Rebels sets – Rex’s AT-TE set. The unique AT-TE unit was first introduced in the Rebels series and was no way something that … custom, let’s say, would be left out of the LEGO world. So we got Captain Rex’s AT-TE set and let me tell you, something that colorful is guaranteed to stand out in your collection. Plus, the LEGO kit is so fun to build, it will keep you awake until it’s finished!

The AT-TE assault Walker is a 972 piece set that features a whole bunch of cool stuff. It has cranes, ladders, a gun on top which also shoots, and a rear door and rear top sections which can be opened. On top of that, the LEGO kit has 5 mini-figures – Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Commander Gregor, a Stormtrooper, and Imperial Inquisitor Fifth Brother.

This is a set that once completed will blow your initial expectations out of this world – in a good way, of course.

#2 Star Wars LEGO Yoda’s Starfighter Set

Yoda's Starfighter with a Yoda and R2-D2 mini-figuresNext, on our list, we have Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter, a craft from the Clone Wars series that is also a breath of fresh air. The coolest feature of the Star Wars LEGO set would be the color of the wings – dark green. Plus, there’s also the price tag – this is one of the 2 cheapest sets on the list. It is available on Amazon for less than £15!

The 262-piece LEGO kit has foldable wings and cockpit that opens up and can fit the Yoda mini-figure that is included in the set. In the back of the ship there’s also space for the R2-D2 unit [also in the box] and let’s not forget the laser cannons that you can shoot thanks to the spring mechanisms.

The Star Wars LEGO ship is no giant but that is to be expected. It is 2 inches high, 7 wide, and 5 inches long. As already mentioned, there’s Yoda and R2-D2 mini-figures included.

A great new addition to your Star Wars collection!

#1 Star Wars LEGO Poe’s X-Wing Fighter Set

Poe's X-Wing Fighter LEGO kit with mini-figures And on top of it all, there’s another Episode VII-inspired LEGO kit – Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter. As we’ve said on numerous occasions, this X-Wing is the coolest fighter in the universe! The regular X-Wings were pretty awesome, but Poe’s jet is something else. And as you might have guessed it, the bright orange and black colors of the ship have a lot to do with it.

But there’s more to Poe’s X-Wing LEGO set! It includes 3 mini-figures along with weapons and other accessories. You get Poe Dameron, Resistance X-Wing Pilot, and Resistance ground crew, plus a BB-8! The additional accessories of the X-Wing LEGO kit include ammo loader and a ladder. The X-Wing has a cockpit that can open and a special place for the BB-8 Astromech droid. The retractable landing gear is also a nice addition since it can be used as a display stand.

The LEGO model measures at 4 inches high, 14 inches long and 12 inches wide with the wings open. And if you’re after some LEGO Star Wars deals, this is it. Right now the kit retails on Amazon for about £44!

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