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The 10 Best inflatable boats for fishing – a buyer’s guide (2017)

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One of the many reasons you should buy an inflatable boat for fishing is because that type of boats is in no way inferior to aluminum and fiberglass boats. On the contrary, often inflatable boats are better and way more convenient. They are easily transported and very stable, save you storage space and last but not least, inflatable boats are quite cheap.

But how to pick the best inflatable boat for you? To help you out, based on certain criteria, we’ve reviewed the 10 best and cheap fishing boats. Plus, stay with us to the end and you’ll get some basic advice on picking the inflatable dinghy that suits your needs best as well as sound guidance on storage and maintenance.

Inflatable fishing boat Boat – Price Link on Amazon
Voyager  300 – Review £57.03  Buy on Amazon
Intex Challenger 2 – Review £65.44 Buy on Amazon
Kolibri K-190 – Review
Kolibri K-220T – Review
Intex Mariner 3 – Review £225 Buy on Amazon
Kolibri KM-200 SC – Review
Bestway HYDRO-FORCE Caspian- Review £499.99 Buy on Amazon
Kolibri KМ-280 – Review
Kolibri KM-300 – Review
Bestway Hydro-Force Mirovia (RIB fishing boat) – Review £699.99 Buy on Amazon

#10 Inflatable boat for fishing – Voyager 300

Coming at the price of less than £60, Bestway’s Voyager 300 is a good budget solution for sailing or fishing in calm waters. It is also the cheapest inflatable boat for sale on our list. The blow-up dinghy is made so that you can quickly and easily prepare it and put it into the water, which is a huge plus, especially if you’re new to this. Here’s a bit more info on the boat which will help your choice:

Dimensions of the inflated boat: 8 feet long; 3 feet 4 inches wide.

Capacity: The boat accommodates 3 (2+1), but its maximum load capacity is 375 pounds.

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: The kit includes 2 paddles, 4 feet 10 inches each; the kit does not include a pump!

Construction of the inflatable Bestway Voyager 300 boat:

The hull of the vessel is made of quality 16.8 gauge vinyl. As a safety measure, the rubber dinghy boat is constructed with 3 air chambers and belted with grab handline which you can use in case of emergency. As with most blow up fishing boats, Voyager 300 is equipped with oarlocks and two stands for fishing rods on the sides. The inflatable boat is also suitable for an outboard engine with a maximum power of 14 hp.

Transporting and inflating the boat:

Because of its size and the relatively soft vinyl, the small inflatable boat is pretty light – less than 30 pounds. It’s one of the lightest models on the list and if you’re into some casual fishing and don’t have that much space, the Voyager is the boat for you.

Taking the price into account, the boat itself is not something special. The pack does not even include a pump, or inflatable cushions or seats.

#9 Inflatable fishing boat Intex Challenger 2

The Challenger is a great solution, especially if that’s going to be your first inflatable dinghy. It’s a good choice for fishing in a lake or casual sailing in calm waters. The Challenger 2 is a 2 person inflatable fishing boat (hence the name – Challenger 2) so you can take a friend along with you. And if you’re looking for something smaller in size and easier on your pocket, you’re in luck. You can purchase the cheaper version – Challenger 1, a one man inflatable fishing boat.

Dimensions of the inflated boat: the dinghy is 7 feet 8 inches long and 3 feet 8 inches wide.

Capacity: The boat can comfortably accommodate two people and its maximum load capacity stands at 375 pounds.

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: There are two French paddles, 48 inches each, as well as a high output pump included in the set.

Construction of the inflatable Intex Challenger 2 boat:

The dinghy boat is made of 18 gauge tri-layer material called “Super Tough”. The fabric consists of two outer layers high-end vinyl and a polyester layer sandwiched in the middle. The “Super Tough” material is durable enough to withstand wear, abrasions, even collisions with rocky surfaces, as well as oil and salt water. And even in the case of rupturing the hull of the boat, no worries, it is constructed with 3 sturdy air chambers, including an inner auxiliary chamber inside the hull, which will keep the vessel afloat enough for you to get to the shore. The inflatable boat also comes equipped with oarlocks and stands for the paddles. There’s also a steel tug ring on the bow and a hand grab line included in the set which you can use if need be.

Transporting and inflating the boat:

With the air out of the air chambers, the foldable boat can easily be rolled up to compact dimensions (6 x 21.4 x 16.2 inches) that make it easy for transportation and storage. The weight of the boat is about 20 pounds which allow for a single person to carry around and easily set up. In addition to that, the two Boston valves on the hull of the Intex boat make inflating and deflating it quick and easy.

The inflatable dinghy boat comes at £65 on Amazon.

#8 Inflatable fishing boat Kolibri K-190

Dark-green inflatable fishing boat - Kolibri К190 with oars on both boardsThe 8 place in our pursuit of the best inflatable fishing boat is for the Ukrainian Kolibri K-190. The dinghy fits one man, it’s extremely light – merely 26.5 pounds, and will not take any space in your boot. All in all, a boat easy to set up, transport and store. Besides, the Kolibri K-190 is made of extremely durable 750 grams per square meter PVC vinyl.

Dimensions of the inflated boat: the dinghy measures at 75 inches long and 41.3 inches wide

Capacity: The Kolibri K-190 is a one man inflatable boat with a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds.

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: The K-190 set includes a carrying bag for safe transportation and storage, two aluminium paddles, a repair kit, a double stroke foot pump and a seat. In addition to that, the fishing dinghy comes with a 3-year guarantee of the PVC vinyl and stitches.

Construction of the inflatable Kolibri K-190 fishing boat:

As already mentioned, the hull of this small inflatable dinghy is made of strong PVC five-layer vinyl, which can withstand stronger collisions with solid ground, UV rays, petroleum products, as well as large temperature amplitudes. The quality of the make is assured by the certificates which the boat has issued, covering international quality standards – ISO/D 6185. The PVC inflatable boat is made of 2 air chambers and the two 11 inch diameter air chambers are connected with one another, which helps the vessel keep perfect balance.

The K-1990 is appropriate for smaller bodies of water and calmer waters since the inflatable dinghy has no keel to provide extra support in the water.

The inflatable fishing boat is equipped with 2 plastic handles, located on the bow and the stern for easier transportation. It is also rigged with paddle stands and oarlocks safely mounted to the hull of the boat.


The boat has a seat which is definitely an advantage. Another thing the Kolibri K-190 does right are the paddle locks – they are quite comfortable and allow for a nice oar rotation. Taking into account that this particular inflatable boat model does not support mounting an outboard engine, the oarlock system is an even bigger plus.

Transporting and inflating the boat:

As already mentioned, the fishing boat is incredibly lightweight – 26.5 pounds, which makes it easy for transportation and storage. The fishing dinghy kit includes a carry bag, making the whole process of storing and transporting the boat even better and more convenient for you.

#7 Inflatable fishing boat Kolibri K-220T

Bird-eye photograph of an inflatable fishing boat Kolibri K220T on a white backgroundLooking for a bigger one man inflatable boat? Kolibri has the perfect solution – the K-220T. The model manufactured by the Ukrainian Kolibri (former Soviet-era military factory which is another indication of quality workmanship and durability of the inflatable boats) has a maximum load capacity of 353 pounds, rigid floorboard, and a bench. In addition, the inflatable boat can be equipped with a transom board, which allows you to mount an outboard engine with a maximum of 3 horsepower. The Kolibri K-220T is one of the blow-up dinghy boats that come at a very tempting price – about £300 while boasting great quality and sturdiness.

Dimensions of the inflated boat: the boat is 87 inches long, 51 inches wide and the air chamber measures at 13.3 inches in diameter.

Capacity: This type of hard bottom inflatable boat is made for a one man and the maximum load capacity of the vessel is 353 pounds.

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: The inflatable boat set includes a carry bag, 2 aluminium paddles, an air pump, a repair kit, as well as a hard floorboard. What’s more, the dinghy set contains a transom board which facilitates the mounting of a trolling engine. The vessel is certified and has a quality passport.

Construction of the inflatable Kolibri K- 220-T fishing boat:

Building on the K-190 model, the hull of 220-T is made of two air chambers and durable, 5-layer PVC vinyl (950 grams per square meter). The special coating of the boat is strong enough to resist UV rays, salt water, as well as petroleum products. Even better, the vinyl can withstand collisions with solid ground. As with all Kolibri inflatable boats, the 220-T is also covered by the ISO/D 6185 quality standard and the hull and stitches come with a 3-year guarantee.


This blow-up fishing boat is buttoned up with plastic handles that are sewn to the bow and stern of the boat. There are convenient oar stands on the hull as well as rotatable oarlocks that make rowing much easier. This boat also has a wooden floorboard included in the kit. It is perfect for fishing because it allows you to keep your balance much better. The cockpit of the small inflatable dinghy measures at 60 inches long and 24 inches wide. The only disadvantage of the boat is that it does not have mounts for fishing rods.

Transporting and inflating the blow-up boat:

The Kolibri K-220T is very lightweight – merely 42 pounds. This one man inflatable fishing boat measures at 35.4×17.7×11.8 inches when folded. It is the size of the PVC inflatable boat that makes it perfect for storage and easy for transportation. And as already mentioned, the blow-up boat kit includes a carry bag

#6 Inflatable fishing boat Intex Mariner 3

Intex Mariner 2 fishing boat with two paddles and a pumpAt number six we have the Mariner 3 which is part of the pro series of the Intex boats. The blow-up dinghy boat is constructed for maximum comfort, efficiency, and durability. It also comes at a higher price compared to the boats we already reviewed but taking into account the quality of the finish and the durability of the PVC inflatable boat, it is totally justified.

Dimensions of the inflated boat: The Intex inflatable boat stands at almost 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. The air chambers of the boat are 18 inches high.

Capacity: The dinghy’s maximum load capacity is 660 pounds or 300 kilograms and comfortably accommodates 3 people.

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: The blow-up dinghy set includes 2 aluminium oars, each 54 inches long, a repair kit, a motor mount fitting (transom board), as well as a high output hand pump.

Construction of the inflatable Intex Mariner 3 fishing boat:

The hull of the Intex inflatable boat is constructed of an improved “Super Tough” material, manufactured by Intex. It consists of 3 layers – 2 outer PVC vinyl ones and an inner layer of Grid mesh textured polyester to reinforce the construction. Besides that, the rubber boat is designed with an inflatable keel to keep the boat balanced and a hard bottom, made of 16 waterproof plywood plates, jacketed with PVC fabric. The way the hardwood floor is produced allows for the blow-up boat to be folded without taking the floor out. However, it’s a good idea to do so when transporting the boat and lack space.

This PVC inflatable boat is constructed with 3 separate air chambers which keep it afloat, assure the passengers’ safety and increase the vessel’s buoyancy. In addition to that, the hull of Mariner 3 has a cladding that circumvents the boat and protects the hull from side collisions with sharp surfaces.

Last but not least, Intex has designed the hard bottom blow up boat with great attention to the smallest details. Mariner 3 is equipped with 2 rotating oarlocks, paddle stands, 2 fishing rod stands and small bags on the sides. To ensure your safety, there is a grab line included in the kit.


What we like about the Mariner 3 is that there are two inflatable benches included in the pack. The hard bottom of the inflatable boat, on the other hand, assure better balance and allow you to stand while in the water. If you feel like it, you can purchase a transom board where you can mount an outboard engine with a maximum power of 2 horsepower or 1.2Kw and a maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Transporting and inflating the blow-up boat:

As already mentioned, the boat can be rolled up with the hard-floor still inside. It’s very convenient if you’re in a rush, but if you’re looking to fit the kit into a smaller space – removing the bottom is a must. The foldable boat weighs 70.5 pounds and is equipped with two Boston valves for easier inflation/deflation.

#5 Inflatable fishing boat Kolibri KM-200 SC

AN image of an inflatable Kolibri KM-200 with a paddle on each boardUnder number 5 in our quest to find the best inflatable boat comes another Kolibri dinghy – the KM-200 SC. It’s a hard bottom inflatable boat which, taking its size into account, can be used with an outboard motor. The maximum power of the engine you can mount on the boat is 3.5 horsepower. But above all else, the fishing dinghy stands out with great stability and buoyancy. Here’s what you need to know of the Kolibri KM-200 SC.

Dimensions of the inflated boat: the length of the inflatable dinghy is 6 feet 6 inches and the length – 4 feet 6 inches. The diameter of the balloons is almost 15 inches.

Capacity: The maximum load capacity of the vessel is 551 pounds (250 kilograms), however, the cockpit size measures at 67 x 26 inches which make the KM-200 a one man inflatable boat.

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: The set includes 2 aluminium paddles, ribbed floor, a bench, repair kit and a pump. The inflatable dinghy also has a quality certificate and a passport.

Construction of the inflatable Kolibri KM-200 fishing boat:

The hull of the blow-up dinghy is made of high-quality 5-layer reinforced PVC material (polyvinyl chloride – 950 grams per square meter). For that reason, the one man inflatable fishing boat is resistant to large temperature amplitudes – from – 30 to + 60 degrees Celsius. It can also endure the effects of direct UV rays, salt water, oil, and gasoline. The vessel is fit for both still waters and for coastal fares – it has a class of sea-worthiness CE:C, meaning you can sail for up to 5 nautical miles from the shore. The high-quality build of the boat is achieved through sealing all seams with a high-frequency, state-of-the-art robot. There’s also the 3-year-guarantee of the materials and seams.

The small inflatable boat is constructed with 2 air chambers an increased balloon diameter of 14.9 inches for better balance in the water. All in all, the Kolibri KM-200 is a great investment, although a bit small for our taste.

The PVC boat is equipped with 3 plastic handles – one on the bow and two in the back, on each balloon, near the stern. As with all Kolibri models, the blow-up fishing boat has paddle stands as well as rotating oarlocks. Lastly, there is a grab line included in the kit.


The fishing boat has room for only one person and huge maximum load capacity, taken its size into account – 551 pounds or 250 kilograms. The cockpit size is 67 x 26 inches, which gives you more than enough room to breathe. The boat has one bench and is designed with hard stern where you can mount an outboard engine, without the need to purchase an additional transom board. The maximum power of the motor which can be mounted is 3.5 horsepower.

Transporting and inflating the blow-up boat:

Folded, the inflatable fishing boat measures at 40 x 21 x 13 inches and weighs 55lbs. As far as storage is concerned, you’ll have no problem keeping it packed during the off-season. Transportation also shouldn’t be an issue, given its compact size and weight.

#4 Inflatable fishing boat Bestway HYDRO-FORCE Caspian

Bestway HYDRO-FORCE Caspian with 2 paddles on the left board of the boatBestway also offers a great inflatable fishing boat at a reasonable price – the Hydro Force 2+1 boat with hard bottom. This vessel is designed to sail in both in still waters – lakes, rivers, canals, and in coastal waters. If you like the company and you just want some extra legroom, this inflatable boat model is what you need.

The maximum load capacity of this large inflatable boat is 569 lbs. or 258 kilograms. In addition, the boat has a sturdy aluminium deck. You can also mount an outboard motor to the dinghy and you don’t even need to buy a transom board. The boat has a stern which can carry a maximum of 3 horsepower engine.

Dimensions of the inflated boat: The length of the blow-up fishing boat is 7.55 feet and it measures at 4.13 feet wide. The diameter of the balloons is 13 inches.

Capacity: The maximum load capacity of the boat is 568 lbs. (258 kilograms) and comfortably fits 2 adults and a child (2+1).

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: When you purchase the set, alongside the blow-up boat you also get a carry bag, 2 aluminium oars (57 inches each), a bench, one aluminium deck, a pump + pressure gauge (which prevents overinflation of the vessel) and a repair kit.

Construction of the inflatable Bestway HYDRO-FORCE Caspian fishing boat:

Hydro Force is a hard bottom inflatable boat manufactured with 3-layered vinyl – Bestway’s trademarked “TriTech”. The two outer layers of the “TriTech” material are laminated PVC material and the inner layer is polyester mesh. The hull is comprised of two air chambers for a great buoyancy. That way, if one of the chambers gets punctured, the other one will be enough to keep the boat afloat and take you ashore.

To additionally protect the boat against friction and impacts, there’s an extra tough rub rail jacketing the hull. What’s more, the rub rail keeps the entire boat more rigid and increases its performance in the water. The inflatable boat also has floorboards and stern constructed of durable marine-grade plywood and allow for greater stability and more importantly – mounting an engine. Attaching the motor to the plywood stern is a much better option compared to other boats where you have to purchase the transom board separately. Boats such as this come in more expensive, however, you can rest assured the engine is secured in place.


On top of the rigid bottom, the inflatable boat has a seat included in the kit. The reinforced plastic grab handles are also a nice addition to the Caspian. They make carrying the boat and putting it into the water a lot easier for you. You can tie safety lines on the two sides of the board Last, but not least, the omnidirectional oarlocks and the Integrated drain valve make the boat a great choice for the money you’ll have to spend.

Transporting and inflating the blow-up boat:

Since the inflatable fishing boat is equipped with a tough transom board, you can easily attach boat launching wheels to help you put the vessel into the water on your own. Taking the weight of the Caspian boat which is 55.1 lbs, plus the weight of the outboard engine (if you’re going to get one) launching wheels will be of tremendous help to you. As already mentioned, the kit includes an air pump and a pressure gauge to help you inflate it the right way. Doing that alone will preserve the condition of the inflatable boat for much longer.

#3 Inflatable fishing boat Kolibri KМ-280

An image of Kolibri KM-280 equipped with two paddles on a white backgroundThe Ukranian inflatables Kolibri make it to the list of top 10 inflatable boats with one more model – KM-280. One of the greatest advantages of the boat is the special valve that deflates the boat to normalize the pressure inside the air chambers if it gets too high. This valve single-handedly can prolong the lifespan of the 2 person inflatable fishing boat. The size is also a factor. The vessel measures at 110 x 58 inches and can carry a more powerful outboard engine – up to 5 horsepower.

Dimensions of the inflated boat: The dinghy is 9 feet long and 4.85 feet wide. The balloons’ diameter is also larger compared to the boats we already reviewed – 15.3 inches.

Capacity: The KM-280 has a maximum load capacity of 773 lbs and can comfortably accommodate 2 adults. If, however, you’re prepared to go fishing without an engine and are ready to sacrifice a bit of space, you can take one or two more people on board.

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: The standard kit of the inflatable Kolibri KM-280 includes a carry on bag for the boat, 2 oars, 2 seats (benches), a mechanical pump, a repair kit, and an Air Deck. The inflatable boat also has a quality certificate and a passport.

Construction of the inflatable Kolibri KM-280 fishing boat:

As with the better, more durable Kolibri models, the KM-280 is also made of 5-layer PVC vinyl with a density of 950 g/m2, which is designed to withstand the effects of saltwater, UV sunlight, and petroleum products. The material also has high-temperature tolerance – from -30 to +60 degrees Celsius, and is still flexible and soft at lower temperatures. Compared to other Kolibri models on the list, the KM-280 has bigger balloon diameter – 15.3 inches, which makes the vessel a lot more stable in the water. The boat is also constructed with 3 air chambers, which makes it more reliable and the plywood stern can carry a larger outboard motor. This particular boat comes with an Air Deck – essentially, two layers of fabric held together by stitches. When the air deck is inflated, it becomes as rigid as a plywood floor, but it’s much lighter and you won’t have to worry about it rotting. The KM-280 has a rub rail that circumvents the hull and protects the inflatable boat from collisions. The boat comes with a 3-year guarantee of the material it’s made of and the stitches and the pressure valve we mentioned protects the air chambers and prolongs the life of the boat. The KM-280 is no doubt a whole lot more durable than your average rubber fishing boats.


Taking the size of the boat and the larger load capacity of 773 lbs, the inflatable fishing boat has more than enough space for two in the cockpit, which measures at 67 x 26 inchеs. The Air Deck is also a huge plus and gives you extra support and balance while you’re rowing or fishing. And in case you are rowing, the omnidirectional oarlocks will also be of great use because they make rowing a lot easier on the hands. For maximum comfort when handling the boat, there are 3 plastic grips on the hull and two grab lines on both boards of the inflatable dinghy.

Transporting and inflating the blow-up boat:

The boat weighs 59.5 lbs (27 kilograms), which is okay when you take into consideration the length of the boat and the 5-layer vinyl of which it’s made of. For safer and easier storage, there is a sturdy carry bag included in the set. As far as transportation is concerned, you can easily fit the folded boat in your truck. Folded, the inflatable dinghy stands at 40 x 21 x 13 inches.

#2 Inflatable fishing boat Kolibri KM-300

Bird-eye view of Kolibri KM-300 boatThe last Kolibri model on our list – the Kolibri KM-300 comes in second. The inflatable 4 person boat is a higher class vessel and with a price of about £700 is the most expensive dinghy we’ve reviewed. Give the sizes of the Kolibri KM-300, it is manufactured with even denser 5-layer PVC vinyl – 1100 g/m2. The diameter of the balloons is also larger – 16.5 inches. This is also the reason why the blow-up dinghy is almost double the weight of the previous boat on our list – 121 lbs!

Dimensions of the inflated boat: The KM-300 stands at almost 10 feet – 9 feet 10 inches long and is 5 feet 2 inches wide. The balloon diameter, as already mentioned, is 16.5 inches.

Capacity: KM-300 is a 4 person inflatable boat with a maximum load capacity of 881 lbs or 400 kilograms!

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: The standard Kolibri KM-300 set includes a carry on bag, two paddles, a pump, 2 benches, a repair kit, and most importantly – a foldable plywood floor with a special anti-slip finish. As is the case with all Kolibri boats, the KM-300 also has a quality certificate and a passport.

Construction of the inflatable Kolibri KM-300 fishing boat:

The hull of the boat is manufactured with the heavier, denser 5-layer vinyl Kolibri use – 1100 g/m2. The KM-300 has 3+1 air chambers, which translates into better stability and assures better safety for the passengers onboard. Besides the bigger balloon diameter, the KM-300 is also manufactured with a hard bottom made of 12 mm marine-grade plywood and reinforced with aluminium profiles. This model has another useful addition – an inflatable keel, which makes it even more stable in the water. The inflatable keel also allows for mounting a more powerful trolling engine of up to 10 horsepower. The inflatable boat is designed with reinforced transom board and a special type of valve which tracks the pressure in the air chambers and deflates the boat to normal values when it gets too high. To protect the dinghy against collisions and preserve it for longer, the hull is shielded with a rub rail. The Kolibri KM-300 sells for about £700 and has a 3-year guarantee of the PVC vinyl and the stitches. The inflatable boat is certified by a sea-worthiness class CE:C. This allows you to take her for up to 5 nautical miles away from the shore.


The maximum load capacity of the inflatable boat is 881 lbs and the cockpit size of the vessel is 79.5 x 63 inches – enough space to comfortably seat 4 people. The bonus, in that case, is the hard bottom of the dinghy which has a special anti-slip coating. It also has Omni-rotating oarlocks to make rowing easier for you. All in all, what we like about the Kolibri KM-300 is that it is big, sturdy, and most of all – it has an inflatable keel to keep the boat balanced in the water.

Transporting and inflating the blow-up boat:

The boat is a bit on the heavy side – 121 lbs, which definitely means you’ll need some help setting it up and putting it into the water. The folded boat’s dimensions are compact – 39 x 22.4 x 15.7 inches, meaning you’ll have absolutely no problem properly storing the boat and transporting it in your trunk.

#1 Inflatable fishing boat Hydro-Force Mirovia [ RIB fishing boat ]

While inflatable RIB boat - Bestway Mirovia

The only RIB fishing boat on our list (more about what RIB boats are in a minute) – Hydro-Force Mirovia comes to the number one spot as the best inflatable dinghy. At a bit lower price than the Kolibri KM-300, Mirovia will cost you around £620, combining sturdiness, reliability, universality, and a spacious cockpit. Thanks to the 4 part aluminium bottom combined with the high-pressure inflatable keel, the Mirovia shows tremendous balance when in the water and amazing maneuverability even when facing higher waves.

Dimensions of the inflated boat: The Mirovia is 10 feet 9 inches long and 5 feet 3 inches wide. The balloon diameter is bigger than the diameter of the Kolibri KM-300 – 17.3 inches.

Capacity: It’s a 4 man inflatable boat with a maximum load capacity of 1411 lbs! This is the largest, most heavy-duty inflatable boat reviewed!

Additions to the inflatable dinghy kit: Now as far as the set is concerned, alongside the inflatable dinghy you also get two aluminium paddles, 63 inches each, which can be easily taken apart for storage and transportation. The kit also includes a carry bag, repair kit, a pressure gauge to keep track of the pressure inside the air chambers, an inflation pump and a 10-meter towrope.

Construction of the inflatable Hydro-Force Mirovia fishing boat:

The hull of the fishing rib boat is manufactured from the trademarked “TriTech” material – 3 layers, marine-class vinyl consisting of two outer laminated PVC layers, sandwiching a polyester mesh between them. The TriTech material can survive tough nautical conditions, including UV sunlight, abrasions, puncture, petroleum products and other contaminants. Mirovia is built of 4 air chambers which increase the vessel’s buoyancy and make it safer and a lot better balanced. Something else that sets this model apart from the rest of the inflatable boats reviewed is the tough strake that spans the front and sides of the hull. The strake reinforces the hull, toughening it up and keeping the boat rigid and balanced. Besides, the strake can take a hit, better protecting the hull of the boat.

Another factor that should affect your choice of inflatable boat is the marine grade aluminium floorboard which provides a stable, non-slippery surface for you. The better maneuverability of the particular type of boat is assured by the inflatable keel. Because of its size and balance, the boat allows for an outboard engine of up to 15 horsepower to be mounted, which is really something. This is the reason why the Mirovia fishing rib boat made it to the top of our list.


This boat is huge! Naturally, there’s no need for you to worry about the space available. The inflatable boat can comfortably fit 4 people. Another very cool function of this type of boat is the adjustable benches. You can choose between 2 positions of the bench, depending on your activity.

Transporting and inflating the blow-up boat:

The Mirovia is fitted with special valves which can increase the air intake during the processes of inflating and deflating the boat. This makes both of them much quicker and easier for you with the entire assembly taking about 20 minutes. The size of the folded inflatable boat are 46.5 x 25.1 x 15.7 inches, which is not that larger than smaller inflatable boats. Plus, fitting the boat in your trunk wouldn’t be that much hard either. And there’s the carry bag included in the pack so you’ll be all sorted should you choose this particular inflatable dinghy.

Buyer’s Guide – how to choose the best inflatable boat for you

A great sunny day at the lake … whether you want to spend it by yourself fishing, or having some quality time with the family, an inflatable boat will definitely make your day off a lot better. And what’s more, you don’t even need to invest that much into a quality inflatable dinghy! What you need to do is pick the right boat for you. That is exactly what we are going to talk about in the rest of this article – we will help you out with a bit more information and some basic guidance when choosing the right inflatable boat. But before that …

The advantages of inflatable boats

Let’s start off with the advantages of the inflatable dinghies:

+ Easier and a lot more comfortable to be stored – inflatable boats are more often than not a lot lighter which means easier transportation. And the storage shouldn’t be an issue for you either since most of the 4 or 5 person boats rarely go over 50 inches in length when folded. Plus, taking the price and available moorage space, inflatable boats are definitely a win!

+ Price – Another huge advantage of inflatable boats is their price. They are comparably cheaper to buy and to maintains. In addition, most boat sets come equipped with paddles, which is to say you won’t have to invest in an outboard motor if you’re planning to use the boat in quiet, smaller bodies of water.

+ Efficiency – Most inflatable dinghies are very light, meaning you don’t need huge motors to power them. Two paddles or a smaller trolling motor – 3 to 20 horsepower will be more than enough, depending on the size of the inflatable boat you choose to purchase.

Types of inflatable boats

The most important thing to remember when choosing the boat that fits your need best is to carefully think where and how will you use it. There are a lot of options, fishing, family days out on the lake, coastal sales, and so on. Inflatable boats are available in a wide range of classes and there is a good model available for all sorts of water adventures! Here are the primary types of inflatable boats:

+ RIB boats (Rigid-Inflatable Boat) – RIB boats are not completely foldable since they have a keel that is made of aluminium or fiberglass with the balloons attached to it. RIB boats are a better version of the more simplistic inflatable boats are it’s typical for them to be steadier a lot more stable in the water and capable of carrying a lot heavier loads on board.

+ Tender or rubber boats – Small PVC / vinyl or rubber boats which are small enough to take out in the water with paddles alone or at best – with a small outboard motor. More often than not, the outboard engine should be electrical. This is the type of inflatable boats that are preferred for fishing.

+ Sports inflatable boats – Usually, these are inflatable boats with a hard V-shaped bottom. They combine durability with ease of transportation and are the perfect choice for thrill-seekers. If you decide to go with that sort of inflatable boat, you’ll definitely need to invest in a bigger engine.

+ Rafts – Very compact vessels, often coming at a reasonable price. Rafts are mostly used on rivers so if you’re into that, a raft would be the best choice for you and your family or friends.

+ Inflatable kayaks – Often times inflatable kayaks are designed to fit one or two people. They are used for leisure sails on a lake or coastal waters as well as for fishing trips. Not as spacious as boats, but great fun nonetheless. Some models can be fitted with a small trolling motor but if you’ve set your mind on buying a kayak, get ready to paddle!

Factors to consider when choosing an inflatable boat

An essential factor to consider when shop for an inflatable dinghy is what it’s made of. Usually, inflatable boats are manufactured with rubberized, synthetic materials such as Hypalon/Neoprene, Polyurethane or PVC:

+ Hypalon – this material is more durable than PVC and costs a bit more. The advantage of Hypalon inflatable boats is that they tend to withstand tougher nautical conditions like salt water, petroleum products, and UV better than PVC boats.

+ PVC – most inflatable dinghies are made of PVC, which is lighter and rolls up easier than Hypalon. In recent times, the quality of PVC boats increased significantly and a lot of the new models can very well endure UV sunlight and salt water.

Another factor to consider when picking the boat for you is the type of flooring. Generally speaking, there are two types of floors – hard and inflatable. Inflatable bottoms are light, comfortable, and the entire boat can be easily folded. On the other hand, hard bottoms make the entire vessel more rigid, allow the mounting of larger outboard engines, and lastly, provide firm support and anti-slip surface for the passengers of the boat.


Before you buy an inflatable boat be it for fishing or leisure sails with the family, think of transportation and storage! Even folded and with the air out, larger boats can be a bit on the heavy side and somewhat bulky, so take that into consideration. If you go with a RIB boat, you might want to think about investing into a boat trailer. That, however, comes at a higher price and requires a lot of space for storage. Another option you have is to go with a set of boat launching wheels. This is a much cheaper option that will do a great job.

Once you get your inflatable boat, remember to always wash it with fresh water, especially if you’re sailing in coastal salt waters. Wash the vessel right after you take it out because, otherwise, the salt dries and can permanently damage your boat. Also, watch out for petroleum products. Although new inflatable boat models can withstand oil and gasoline, washing these is never a bad idea. That’s simply the best way to protect your investment and use your boat for longer.

Last but not least, although most materials that are used in inflatable boat manufacturing are resistant to UV sunlight, storing your inflatable boat under а sailcloth or in a place where the boat won’t be directly exposed to sunlight is a must. The best thing you can do, storage-wise, is to deflate your boat, fold it, and put it in a carry bag (often included in the boat set). If that’s not an option for you, just keep it somewhere dry and shady. Taking proper care of your inflatable boat means prolonging the lifespan of the vessel.

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