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Fortnite Challenges – Where To Find All Three Giant Faces (Season 8, Week 1)

The 8th season of Fortnite started a few days ago and with that – brand new challenges to get that Battle Passes leveled up. One of the two challenges in this first week that requires a bit of wandering around got to do with you looking for 3 giant faces. Epic Games have “hidden” three giant faces into the side of three mountains across the map so it’s your job to find them!

Now if you’re tired of looking around and getting headshots left and right, you’re in the right place. We have the exact locations of all three giant faces that are hidden in the map. And as the challenge states – one is hidden inthe desert, one is in the jungle, and one lays hidden in the snow. The good thing about it all is that the snow and desert faces are close to one another which means you might be able to get all three of the faces in one go. With a bit of luck that is.

All Giant Faces’ Locations in Fortnite’s Season 8

Fortnite's Season 8 map with all three locations of giant faces marked across the map
You can find the giant faces at the side of the hills that we’ve marked for you.

The Giant face in the snow – As you can see from the map, the first giant face is west of Lucky Landing. There is a rocky hill at the bottom of the island where you can find the first of the three giant faces.

The Giant face in the desert – There are plenty of rocky hills south of Paradise Palms in the desert. The one you’re looking, however, is again at the shore at the very bottom of the island.

The Giant face in the jungle – the last one is located to the east of Sunny Steps. That angry jungle face, as you can see from the map and the image below, is also on the shore.

What you need to do in order to complete the giant faces challenge is only look at the faces from up close. Bear in mind that the challenge will be available only to those of you who have purchased the Battle Pass.

Want to get some more help with week 1’s challenges? Have a look at our guide to finding all 7 pirate camps! Keep an eye out for more updates on the weekly challenges in Fortnite right here on 10Brutes!

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