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Fortnite Challenges – What they are and How to Complete them – Season 8, Week Two

Finally, Fortnite’s Week 2 challenges are finally available! So if you’re looking for a bit of a helping hand in completing them, this cheat map will give you a pretty good headstart. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the challenges and how to complete them.

As usual, in the second week’s portion of challenges we have 3 that are available to every player and four that are open to only those of you who have purchased the Battle Pass. If you still haven’t, don’t wait up! And to get you motivated to complete the challenges, as a reward you will be getting 5k XP and … a treasure map loading screen which will lead you to a hidden banner. Awesome!

Fortnite Challenges – Season 8 Week 2

Free challenges:

#1 Stage 1: Land at the Block
#1.2 Stage 2: Land at Dusty Divot
#1.3 Stage 3: Land at Polar Peak
#1.4 Stage 4: Land at Snobby Shores
#1.5 Stage 5: Land at Paradise Palms

#2 Deal [200] damage to descending supply drops
#3 [3] Eliminations in Salty Springs or Haunted Hills

Challenges available only with a Battle Pass

#1 Stage 1: Gain [25] health from apples
#1.2 Stage 2: Gain [50] hp from a campfire
#1.3 Stage 3: Use a medkit to heal at 75 hp
#2 Visit the furthest north, south, east and west points of the island
#3 Deal [100] damage to opponents with a pirate cannon
#4 Search a chest in [3] different named locations in a single match

How to complete Challenge 1 – Land at the Block?

Week 2 will kick it off with something fairly simple – a challenge that will have you land in 5 different locations, starting with The Block. The following stages require you to land, as follows, at Dusty Divot, Polar Peak, Snobby Shores, and lastly – Paradise Palms. For each of the stages, you will be getting one battle star, making it a total of 5 for this first challenge. Remember, you can land only at a single location per match and get credit for it! No point in using rifts or respawning and flying to a second named location. Plus, you have to land at these locations at the exact order that is given. You can find the locations on the map below

Fortnite map - Season 8 - how to complete the week 8 challenges
The five named locations you should land at to complete the first challenge.

How to complete Challenge 2 – Dealing damage to supply crates?

The second challenge in week 2 says “Deal damage to descending Supply Drops”. The easiest way to complete that is to jump on an LTE where supply crates drop in like crazy, especially in the final stages of the game. Plus, you respawn if you’re killed so you get more chances to deal that 200 damage to crates. To deal damage you only need to get yourself a gun and start shooting at the balloons. Nothing too complicated here.

How to complete Challenge 3 – get 3 eliminations in Salty Springs or Haunted Hills?

This is probably the challenge you want to start off with since during the first days of the week these two locations will be buzzing with players. Hence, more opportunity to kill someone there. The other option is to play a Limited Time Event and repetititively land at one of the two locations, waiting for your opportunity.

How to complete Challenge 4 – Gaining health from apples?

First, you need to find apples. Fortunately, these are not too hard to find – for me, Fatal Fields is the place to go. Just look around the lawns around Fatal Fields. If there is no one shooting at you, just build some stairs and jump – don’t get yourself killed but deal enough damage to restore it afterwards with the apples. That’s it … stage one is in the bag. Stage two requires a bit of luck – you need to find a campfire and then use it to get 50 hp. Same goes for stage 3 – loot as many treasure chests and supply crates as possible to get yourself some med kits and restore at least 75 hp.

How to complete Challenge 5 – visiting the furthest north, south, east and west points of the island?

Visiting the furthest west point of the island on the map
Look for the signs that indicate the exact locations you’ll need to visit.

That one is also among the easiest of challenges for this secon week of Fortnite’s Season 8. You need to land at the specified locations – when you do, look for the small signs. There are neat paths leading to the signs and to complete the challenge you need only land close to these signs. Below you can find a map with all four locations marked for you.

A map of Fortnite's island with the furthest north, south, east, and west points marked.
Land at the marked locations to complete the challenge.

How to complete Challenge 6 – deal 100 damage to opponents with a pirate cannon?

Remember the 7 pirate camps that we had to find last week? Well, the 6th challenge in week two will have you try to deal 100 damage using cannons. First, to do that you need to find a cannon. This is where the 7 pirate camps come into play. Plenty of cannons there. Or, if you feel like it, go to Lazy Lagoon – this is probably the place that has most cannons on the entire island. When you find one, get yourself into the cannon, point, and shoot. Not the easiest of challenges, but if you focus, you can get through it fairly quickly.

How to complete Challenge 7 – search a chest in 3 different named locations?

Last but not least, you will have to visit 3 named locations in a single match and search a chest in each. Your best bet will be playing an LTE. First of, there are way less people in these matches, which means less people will be looting chests. Second, people there are not so much focused on gearing up from looting chests so you will have plenty to loot yourself.

What you need to do is pick 3 named locations that are fairly close to one another. I did Dusty Divot, Salty Springs, and Retail Row (had to land at Dusty Divot as part of Challenge #1). Easy.

Need more tips with completing the challenges in Season 8? Stay tuned for more, right here on 10Brutes!

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