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The 10 best gamer coffee mugs out there

Sleep depravity is number one reason for cutting a game session short (besides the wife/gf nagging, of course). So what can you do about it? You got it right. Well, no, getting a divorce is out of the question. Try coffee instead. A fun gamer mug full of fresh and hot coffee can be of huge help and grant you a few extra hours of gaming.

Besides that, a gamer mug is just a fun thing to have. Not to mention it’s a great gift. So if you’re here looking for a gift for your favorite gamer – a quality gamer mug would do the trick.

If you need another reason to get yourself a gamer coffee mug, it’s a great collectible. No doubt you’ve come across gaming coffee mugs before, and maybe you’ve bough one for yourself. But that my friend is no reason to avoid buying another. As a matter of fact, gaming coffee mugs fall under the useful gaming merchandise.

And now to the important choice – what should you get? An Xbox mug, PlayStation controller mug or a game-inspired coffee mug

Xbox mug vs. PlayStation controller mug

Not going to debate which console is better here. But, depending on your preferences, you can either get an Xbox mug or a PlayStation controller mug, or both … As you can see, there are some incredibly witty gamer coffee mugs to choose from.

PlayStation controller mug

Let’s take a look at some PlayStation controller mugs first. We’ve got some real contenders here so check them out!

My favorite ps4 mug would be the white “Game Over” one with a ps4 controller for a handle. This is a work of art!

Xbox mug

And if you are an Xbox player, such as myself, there are some treats for you as well. Granted, there are a lot less Xbox mugs available on Amazon, in terms of design, but they sure do look good.

So if you want to grab your gamer coffee mugs, these are the best Xbox mugs designs out there.

But wait, there’s more for you …

The world of witty gamer mugs is full of gems. If you want something good but want to avoid all the Xbox vs PS thing altogether, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty gamer mugs for you that are console-neutral.

The other gamer mug option is to pick a game-related theme. There are plenty of options here as well, but we’ll cover than in a bit.

Before we get to that, check out the console-neutral gamer mugs.

Gamer mug choices

You can find a myriad of gamer mugs with witty prints on them, very well describing the life of a gamer … Obviously, we cannot put all gamer coffee mugs here, so we’ve collected the ones we think deserve your time.

Without further ado, check out the gamer coffee mugs we liked most.

Liking our list so far?

There is more! As we mentioned earlier, there are game-dedicated mugs that also deserve your attention. And again, since we’re limited by space, we’re only going to show you mugs dedicated to a small number of games. But there are certainly more game-dedicated mugs on Amazon, so browse away.

Super Mario mug

The game is an absolute classic. I mean, who here hasn’t played Super Mario on a Nintendo!? So if you want to re-live the glory days, paying homage to Super Mario, check out the Super Mario mugs you can get your hands on.

Fortnite coffee mug

Are you into Fortnite? Well then, you’re in luck. There are also some great Fortnite coffee mugs available. Again, this is only a small assortment of Fortnite mugs and if you browse Amazon, you’ll definitely find more!

There are a ton of other specific game-themed coffee mugs for you. So if you didn’t like our choices, browse on! You will find the gamer coffee mug for you.

Be sure to let us know which one is your favorite one in the comment section bellow.

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