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10 Must Have Bike Accessories – 2018 edition

A bicycle propped next to a garage doot with a blurred person comming towards it

Environmentally friendly and healthy – bikes are a great means of transportation. But add some of our 10 must have bike accessories to your wheels and you get more pleasant, a whole lot more stylish, and much safer experience in the daily traffic. So whether it’s cycling accessories gifts you’re looking for, or you just want something to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered!

#10 SAVFY Silicone LED Bike Lights

A set of Savfy front and rear bike flashlights
View the SAVFY bike lights set on Amazon

Safety first. It’s no surprise that our list of must have bike accessories kicks it off with a bike light. Riding without a red and white lights respectively at the rear and the front of your bike after dark is not legal, not to mention dangerous. But a lot of riders (me included) don’t use light accessories for their bikes because they look out of place. That is until I came across the SAVFY Silicone LED bike lights.

Coming super cheap at only £6, these silicone front & back (white and red) LEDs are unobtrusive which is a huge plus for us. Besides, they will fit your bike incredibly well because of their integrated silicone clipping that makes them super easy to fit pretty much whatever you like on your frame. Something else we like about these cool bike gadgets is that they are water resistant – a feature most new bike LEDs boast, but many fail at that. And lastly, you get 3 distinct modes of light – steady, flash, and slow flash. You can find these must have bike accessories online on Amazon.

#9 Mayisumai Silicone Phone Mount

An image of different colours of handlebar phone mounts
View the Mayisumai Silicone Phone Mount on Amazon

Gone are the days when the bell was the only bicycle handlebar accessory you needed. Now, a good phone mount will do you a lot more good than a bell. which is why number 9 on our list of must have bike accessories for 2018 goes to the Mayisumai.

What you need to look for when shopping for a phone mount for your bike is something universal. It doesn’t make much sense for you to buy a mount for a specific device when upgrades are always on the table. For that reason, our pick goes to the Mayisumai Silicone mount. To start off with, at a price of £12 it is relatively cheap bike accessory. But the real deal maker here is the ease of installing and removing it from your handlebar. As with the previous product on our list, this silicone bike gadget can be quickly fitted and taken off if need be. Plus, mechanical ones tend to wear off a lot quicker while silicone is durable and water-resistance. The mount holder will also fit well around your phone, securing it tightly in place so there’s no risk of slipping or falling. Lastly, the elastic silicone holder can be easily mounted on handlebars with a different diameter.

All in all, a cheap and very useful item that makes the list of top cycling gadgets for a good reason.

#8 Co2 Inflator By PRO BIKE TOOL

A hand holding the Pro Bike Tools Co2 inflator
View the Co2 Inflator on Amazon

A flat tyre can ruin your entire day! So when push comes to shove, I like to be prepared. But carrying a pump in your backpack is a bit of a pain, no matter how small it is. Plus, smaller, more compact ones take forever to inflate a tyre.

Pro Bike Tool have just the solution for all that – their compact Co2 inflator. It’s among the most useful bike accessories to carry with you since it will save you a lot of headaches. Besides, it’s very small and lightweight, unlike a pump. Furthermore, the handy little bike gadget has a twin valve head which threads onto both Schrader and Presta valves, meaning you don’t need any additional valve heads. Thanks to the control lever you can also regulate the speed of Co2 release, and even better, the gadget will get the job done in a matter of seconds.

The kit by Pro Bike Tool does not include the Co2 cartridges, a minus in our book, but still, it’s a pretty good bike accessory to have. The good thing, however, is that it works perfectly fine with various cartridges – 12, 16, 20 and 25 grams. A nice addition to the kit is the rubber foam sleeve (fitting 16-gram cartridges alone) which protects your hand. All in all, a very good bike gadget that is built to last.

You can purchase this must have bike accessory online on Amazon for £20.

#7 Ass Savers SmartAss Bike Rain Fender

Three different sizes of AssSavers Bike fenders
View the SmartAss Bike Fender on Amazon

First off, what a cool name. But beyond that, you’re getting a very useful bike accessory at a low cost and what’s even better, it’s extremely easy to store and fit whenever need be.

Essentially, the SmartAss Fender is a lightweight plastic fender [weighing in at 15 to 18 grams!] that you can use in case of emergency. The beauty of this now crucial accessory for bike riders is that when you’re not in need of it, you can simply fold it in half and store it underneath your seat! No tools necessary! It comes in different colours – white, black, grey, red, blue, etc. and in 3 sizes – 340×100 mm; 380x102mm; 370×110 mm. It is a very smart solution that won’t spoil the looks of your bike, get the job done, and make you look good while riding.

The SmartAss fender is very discrete and is field tested so you know you can depend on that handy bike extra.Thanks to its attachment system, it is compatible with pretty much all rail saddles and as I already mentioned, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can buy that must have cycling accessory online on Amazon at prices starting from £6. If you’re on the lookout for useful, yet cheap bike accessories – the SmartAss Fender is what you need.

#6 Topeak Alien II MultiTool

An open Alien II multi-tool with a black pouch next to it
Check out the Alien II Multi Tool on Amazon

Being prepared for cycling emergencies requires a bit more preparation, which is why you need something of a Swiss Army knife for your bike. This is where the Alien II comes into play. It is a unique bike accessory since it has 3 key features that make a multi-tool awesome.

First off, it is practical. The Alien II has 26 high-quality tools in one, making it virtually possible for you to take your bike apart and put it back together using only this awesome bike gadget – there are even two tyre levers integrated into the body. In terms of versatility, which is the second feature to look for in a multi tool, Topeak’s product is one of the few accessories that brag that many useful tools. Last, but not least – durability. The Alien II fuses engineering grade plastic used for the body as well as cast cromoly steel, stainless steel wire, and hardened steel material for the different tools. All that combined into a smart design that makes finding the right tool for the job a breeze.

The Alien II Multi-tool is 3 x 8 x inches (H x L x W) and weighs only 340 grams. In addition to that, the kit includes a nice-looking pouch for safe keeping. Given the fact that you’re getting an (almost) entire bike shop at the tips of your fingers, the price of £38 on Amazon is completely justified. Topeak Alien II makes it to number 7 on our list of best bike accessories to have.

#5 Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor

An image of mounted on a blue chainstay Wahoo Blue SC sensor
Check out the Wahoo sensor on Amazon

At number 7 on our list of must have bike accessories, we have the Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor. This cool bike gadget measures your speed and cadence and can easily be connected to your smartphone, making it a great alternative to the expensive cycling computers. So instead of investing in a cycling computer, get the Wahoo Blue SC!

The device connects to your smartphone wirelessly, through Bluetooth or ANT+, and shows you speed, distance traveled as well as cadence. The gadget is also compatible with popular bike apps, such as Zwift, Strava, and MapMyRide, making it easy for you to integrate into your daily routine. Something else we like about this cool cycling gadget is its specs. At only 36 grams and 3.5″ x 3″ x 1″, the Wahoo Sensor is lightweight, has a low drag profile, and is waterproof. Besides, the kit has zip ties as well a rubber band, making installation a child’s play.

Last but not least, the bike add-on will certainly fit most frame sizes & bikes and is compatible with popular smartphone brands. You can find more information on device compatibility on wahoofitness’s support page.

All in all, a superb gadget at a fairly low price for the quality you’re getting – you can get it online on Amazon for a bit less than £50. I’d say it rightfully makes the list of the best bike accessories to have.

#4 Hammerhead One Bike Navigation

A complete Hammerhead H1 bike navigation set - navigation system + mount
Buy the H1 on the manufacturer’s website

Tired of constantly having to look at your smartphone to get directions when you ride while people are bugging you on Facebook? Well, the Hammerhead is all about peace and quiet, whether you’re enjoying your Sunday morning ride or cycling to work or school in the busy traffic.

The Hammerhead is among some of the quirky bike accessories out there, granted, but it does a very good job at pointing you the right way. The device is pretty simple – it’s a T-shaped gadget with LEDs which give you a turn-by-turn direction when riding. The navigation is very intuitive & easy to figure out. But best of all, the Hammerhead is among the must have bike accessories because it allows you to safely keep an eye on the road without any distractions. To start using the Hammerhead, you just need to sync it with the Hammerhead app on your mobile device. Then choose the most scenic, fastest, or safest way to your destination, and you’re good to go, in whatever conditions – even mud and rain.

The awesome bike gadget is a thoughtful gift for avid cyclists, especially if they tend to get distracted on the road. And given its convenience and the job it does, the Hammerhead One Bike Navigation is definitely among the top bicycle handlebar accessories. One of these beauties will set you back about £55 but it’s well-worth it!

#3 Linka Smart Bike Lock

Now think bike security. I don’t know about you, but leaving my bike unattended for longer periods of time gives me a mini heart attack every time. So some sort of a smart bike lock was meant to make the list of must have cycling accessories.

Why not a conventional lock? Well, about 65% of the bikes that were stolen in 2014 in the UK were nicked while being locked. In London, that number went up to nearly 78%. So the bike lock matters which is why it’s a lot better to spend some extra cash on a bike lock instead of having to buy a new bike. This is why we have the Original Linka Smart Lock on our list!

First off, you can easily fit Linka to your bike and pair it with your phone. The way this bike gadget works is it automatically detects your phone and locks/unlocks. It’s very convenient and you won’t have to worry about your keys anymore. But no worries, if it so happens that your battery dies, there’s a 4-digit access code you can use in case of emergency to unlock your bike. If you want to lock your bike to a rack or something else, you might as well use Linka with some of the Linka chain add-ons. And speaking of battery life, according to the manufacturer, Linka’s battery will last for about 12 months and when it starts going down, you’ll get notifications to ensure a recharge.

And saving the best for last, there’s an extra layer of security that this essential bike accessory has – a tamper alert. When locked, the device can sense people tampering with your bike which will set off a 100 dB siren. The alarm will continue for some time after the movement of your bike stops. If you’re in Bluetooth range, you’ll also receive an alert on your phone. Better yet, you also have an alarm sensitivity adjustment, depending on the type of area you’re leaving your bike in.

The price tag of the Linka smart bike lock is £150 and if you’re willing to wait a bit, this smart bike gadget is getting an upgrade in Spring of 2018.

#2 Fox Ranger MTB Gloves

A black For Ranger mountainbike glove on a white background
Buy a pair of Fox Rangers on Amazon

Now let’s take some good care of the rider! At number two we have one of the coolest bike wear accessories there is – Fox Ranger MTB Gloves.

The Rangers are full finger bike gloves and are made for mountain biking, however, you might just as well use them during your commute to work if you like. Leaving the cool design aside, the gloves come in six colour schemes, so surely, you’ll find a colour palette to your liking. But that’s not all the Ranger gloves have to offer.
The top layer of the gloves is a lightweight mesh, giving the glove a clean look while at the same time providing you with much necessary ventilation. On the other side, you’ve got a double layer Clarino palm and grip fingers with silicone stripes. All that makes up for a super-durable and stylish glove. Another thing we liked about the Fox Rangers was the wrist tab closure with the Fox logo. The tab is very low profile, granting your wrists free movement. It’s like the glove is not even there.

A pair of durable gloves – probably the best mountain bike accessories to get. And to sweeten the deal, you can shop for these online on Amazon. Sizes vary from Small to XX-Large and the price for these beauties is £25.

#1 Sherlock Invisible Anti-theft Bike Tracker

On top of the must have bike accessories list we have the Sherlock anti-theft tracker. As the name suggests, this awesome bike gadget will help you keep tabs on your bike wherever it may be.

The beauty of the tool, besides the name, of course, is the fact that the mechanism is made to fit in your handlebars which make is invisible from the outside. That way, in the unfortunate event of your bike being stolen, you can quickly locate and retrieve it. The smart bike gadget connects to an app on your phone and once activated, the app receives live data from the motion sensor in the device and tracks the movement of your bike. That way, if your bike start moving and you’re not on it, Sherlock will immediately send an alert to your phone.

Sherlock doesn’t rely on a satellite. It uses a GPS module to precisely track your bicycle wherever in Europe or US it may be and has a battery charge for about 2 weeks. It also has an embedded SIM card with a 2 year Internet connection included in the price of the tech bike accessory. The team behind Sherlock say once those two years are up, the Internet subscription will cost you €3 (less than £3) per month which is not too bad, taking into account the work it does. But that’s not all there is to the smart gadget.

The Sherlock app which you need to download has 3 modes – park, theft, and bike passport. The first one tracks for tampering attempts and sends notifications, the second one tracks your bike and allows you to share your bike’s whereabouts with the police, and the passport mode stores your bike info for you to easily download and share. The app and device will also receive automatic software updates so you can take full advantage of any new feature releases. Lastly, the app can run diagnostics of the status and the GPS signal for you so that you know the smart bike gadget functions properly at any given moment.
The Sherlock tracker is available for pre-order on the official website for € 149. The first orders are expected to ship by late October 2017.

The Sherlock tracker is available for pre-order on the official website for € 149. The first orders are expected to ship by late October 2017.

Now you can see why Sherlock topped the must have cycling accessories list.

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