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The 10 Best Star Wars Gifts in the Galaxy

Stormtroopers Star Wars фигурки

Everyone has at least one person in their lives crazy about Star Wars, maybe even more. Shopping for unique Star Wars items or memorabilia, however, is a tough job with all the merchandise available out there. That is the reason why we have compiled a list of the best gift ideas for those Star Wars maniacs! Take a look and draw inspiration for the best present you can buy online – all Star Wars gifts included are available on Amazon.

#10 Star Wars Mug

A combination of useful and funny, having at least one Star Wars mug is a must for a true fan of the saga! The mug we’ve chosen to include in the list is a heat changing mug with the most famous lightsabers in the Galaxy! A really fun item that displays the handles of lightsabers when cold. Pour a hot drink in and watch the sabers lighting up! A small and really cheap Star Wars gift that is a guaranteed success. It’s available on Amazon at a price of about 10 quid, so it’s not budget-heavy.

#9 Pop! Star Wars Figures

Darth Vader Merchandise - Bobblehead figure with a read lightsaberThe small bobblehead Star Wars toys are also a great choice for a small themed gift. Plus, these little figurines are really cute. At about 4 inches high, the bobblehead Star Wars figures are a cool and thematic desk ornament for the office for example. Who wouldn’t want a tiny Darth Vader at their desk, scaring the mean co-workers off? Probably one of our favourite Star Wars collectables right here!

Pop! Star Wars figures are valued both by fans and collectors. There is a huge diversity of figures – starting with the well-known characters from the Star Wars Universe, all the way through some specific species appearing in the series and famous cameos. This series of Star Wars figurines includes more than 150 items, each of which is packed in a box with a plastic window. So what better way to start a Star Wars collection than giving the first toy of the Pop! series dedicated to the saga – Dart Vader?

Note: if you’re on a budget, then the bobblehead is a superb choice. It’s super cool and at the same time – cheap Star Wars gift. Two birds with one stone if you ask me.

#8 Star Wars Lego Toys

Poe Dameron's Lego X-Wing fighter with 3 Lego figures, BB-8 unit and some additional parts A Lego toy is maybe the best Star Wars gift for a kid but to be fair here, grown-ups will love it nonetheless. When it comes to the tiny blocks, what grabbed our attention was Poe’s X-Wing Fighter. X-Wings are probably the coolest jet fighters in the Galaxy but what makes Poe’s even better is the colors and the small BB-8 unit included in the Lego pack. Along with the actual BB-8 unit [also included in our list btw], this Lego Star Wars set is one of the best Force Awakens merchandise available!

Besides the undeniable good looks, the Lego Star Wars set comes with some nice additions. The X-wing fighter has 4 nests for rockets which can launch the small rockets with springs, it’s equipped with retractable landing gear and a cockpit with a place for a pilot and a droid, which can also be opened and closed. The set includes 3 Lego figures – Poe Dameron, a Rebel Pilot and ground crew figure, as well as the famous BB-8 Astro Droid.

#7 Star Wars Bookends

A photo of bookends with two collectible StormtroopersA combination of a useful household item and original Star Wars action figures – the coolest Stormtroopers Bookends, ever! This piece of official Star Wars merchandise is the perfect present for fans who already have a good collection of themed items. Plus, the bookend in itself could be used to showcase Star Wars books or DVDs. All in all, a well-thought, practical gift which will definitely be appreciated.

And if you know for a fact your friend doesn’t have books or DVDs, then you will love the following two suggestions we have.

#6 The Newest Book – Star Wars: Thrawn

A themed book would be among the greatest gift ideas for Star Wars fans. With the comics, movies, and TV series there to attract fans’ attention, books are left a bit out of sight. And even if you’re shopping for a die-hard fan, the newest book is a guaranteed success. The “Thrawn” novel by Timothy Zahn only came out in April 2017, so it’s relatively new, making it a good choice in case you’re looking for Star Wars gift ideas for adults.

The book focuses on one the most cunning and ruthless characters in the Star Wars Universe – Grand Admiral Thrawn and his rise to the higher ranks of the Galactic Empire. But we’ll not divulge the plot here. Suffice it to say the book is worth your while. If you don’t believe my tastes, then the fact that it made it to New York Times’ best sellers ought to convince you.

#5 Star Wars – The Complete Saga [Boxed Set]

Something unusual coming your way now – under number 5 in our list of awesome Star Wars gifts is the Complete Saga Boxed Set. Now you might think “why would anyone need that”? Let me stop you right there!

This present will get you the reaction you’re looking for from the true fans. The collection includes 9 Blu-Ray disks with Episode I to VI, an archive with deleted, extended or replaced scenes from the movies, audio commentaries by George Lucas himself as well as commentaries from the actors and crew who worked on the films. And as if this isn’t enough, to top it all off, there’s a documentary hosted by Mark Hamill, looking at the special effects used during filming. And that’s only a portion of what you’ll find in there! Over 15 hours of geeky pleasure for die-hard fans! Definitely a Star Wars gift idea worth thinking over.

#4 R2D2 Alarm Clock

The front of a R2D2 unit rutned into an alarm clockA Star Wars gift ideas list wouldn’t be a complete one without at least one piece of R2D2 merchandise – our favorite droid [with the BB-8 following closely, of course].

So here it is, R2D2 alarm clock which can project the time on your wall! This piece of memorabilia is manufactured with attention to detail and the sounds this small droid makes are not limited to the ones we have known it for. On the contrary, the R2D2 unit performs a range of Star Wars symphonies and rolls around the room to wake you up and make you chase him a bit.

All in all, sleepy-head Star Wars fans could definitely use something like that in their lives.

#3 Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Official Star Wars Merchandise - A floating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker by PloxAnd now to the Star Wars presents for men – a Death Star Bluetooth speaker! The speaker is made by Plox, who acquired an official “Lucasfilm” license, which allows them to manufacture one of the most emblematic of the Star Wars Universe weapons. And the speaker is as cool as the Death Star itself! It levitates over a magnetic base which alone looks awesome, but that’s not all.

The tiny orb has 360 degrees uncompromising sound quality and it really does its job of playing music very well. The battery life is also something to be commended on – the 5-watt speaker can run for about 4 to 5 straight hours using Bluetooth. One can also use the speaker by itself, without the magnetic base, which is quite convenient, especially if you’re on the road. In order for the Death Star to levitate, the magnetic base should be plugged in. All in all, this is a fine example of a Death Star merchandise which is worth every penny and would appeal to the fans.

#2 Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Finally, Star Wars spaceship we can pilot! Air Hogs has an original Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy, ready to take flight. It is an RTF (ready-to-fly) quadcopter made of density foam so it is durable and will survive even the most inexperienced pilots. The Millennium Falcon toy weighs only 2.33 ounces and measures at 9.5 x 7 X 1.5 inches. Dimensions which allow for the drone to be piloted both in and outside.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy (RTF drone) - photo from above

In addition to its amazing looks, this piece of Star Wars memorabilia also makes very specific sounds and has LED lights, just like the real one! The battery life is okay, ranging from 7 to 10 minutes and recharging happens through a USB cable. The remote controller requires 6 AA batteries to work and the range of the drone is pretty good – 200 feet.

So if you’re after a Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy, Air Hogs’ quadcopter is a pretty good choice with a price tag of about £110 and it’s available on Amazon.

#1 BB-8 Sphero Droid

And finally, our list of the best Star Wars gifts is completed by the small BB-8 Sphero, which won over both fans of the saga and ordinary folk alike. Even before the official premiere of ”The Force Awakens” in movie theaters in 2015, the small droid left a huge impression and charmed us all. So when on 4 September 2015 a real app-enabled, 4.5-inch unit was released as part of the official Star Wars merchandise launch, everyone was ecstatic!

Now, thanks to the advance in technology, you can bring the Star Wars Universe from the big screen right into your home. Following that line of thought, the BB-8 can patrol your home by itself, listen and respond to your voice commands, or let you guide it using your tablet or smartphone. The link between this cool Star Wars toy and your smartphone happens automatically, through Bluetooth without the need for some special settings. Once enabled, the BB08 droid gives you a choice between 3 regimes – Patrol, Drive, and Holographic Message.

Regimes of play

The Patrol regime is a regime in which the BB-8 Astro Droid autonomously goes about the room it’s in, patrolling and reacting to new encounters with furniture or your cat. The app-enabled Star Wars toy does not have built-in sensors so it’s bound to crash into walls, your feet, or whatever comes its way, at least in the beginning. But fear not, the good news is that in time BB-8 will learn what’s where and will make a simple map of your home so as to avoid unwanted encounters. The problem, however, is not the head-on collisions but the falls. The Sphero toy is made of tough plastic, but it doesn’t last forever. That’s why you have to watch over the droid and keep it off of jumping from the kitchen table.

A BB-8 unit in its docking stationThe other built-in regime – Drive, gives you full control over the BB-8 unit. In the beginning, controlling it will be a bit stiff and unnatural since up and down are easily mistaken. But once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly easy to steer and play with. This regime has a couple of pre-programmed movements and responses which you can trigger with the push of a button. The “Yes” and “No” are particularly useful, especially if used to answer questions at the office for instance. There’s another thing that makes BB-8 the best Star Wars gift – its ability to change its “personality” in time, building on its communication with its owner.

Last but not least, the small Astro Droid can record messages and recreate them as if they were holograms. Through augmented reality, you can record a message with your smartphone, point it at the droid and when looking at the screen, it will mimic a holographic projection coming out of the BB-8 unit.

Why is the BB8 one of the best Star Wars gifts out there

For the time being BB-8 is no doubt the best Force Awakens merchandise item, even among the most awesome Star Wars gifts we’ve seen. It’s safe to say BB-8 will win over everyone, no matter age or gender.

Pros: What we like most about the BB-8 are the fun regimes and the even funnier reactions of the Astro Droid.

Cons: The body of Sphero’s BB-8 is sealed so it doesn’t need cleaning, but … the head of the droid is mounted on top of the sphere through a magnet and two small wheels which allow it to move freely on its body. The tiny wheels in question are prone to get clogged with dirt, especially if there is a cat or a dog in the house. Fortunately, the wheels can be easily cleaned.

All in all, if you’re searching for best Star Wars gifts, Sphero’s BB-8 is definitely the droid you’re looking for.

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